Our projects

in 2022, we helped thousands of girls OF 13-TO-18-YEAR-OLD!

Prostitution is illegal in the Republic of the Congo, but remains an important phenomenon and is tolerated by the authorities. Many girls under the age of 16 are engaged in prostitution as a mean of survival. They experience a daily life marked by physical, mental and sexual violence. More than 40% of these girls have been raped at least once. Also, 50% of the girls have a child. Deprived of incomes, these girls find themselves with no prospect for the future.

AIS offers a humanitarian, educational, psychological and developmental initiative that allows girls ages 13-18 victims of sexual exploitation, the opportunity to take ownership of their future by going to school or entering vocational trainings.

In 2021, we did 228 street outreaches and meet 2,317 girls. We referred 1,109 girls under 18 to our daycare centers. We distributed 27,023 meals to them and their children, and also had weekly group therapy, educational activities, literacy classes, etc. An average of 25 children of 3 months to 5 years-old, came per day at our nursery centers.


  • 85% of girls are reintegrated into their family, returned to school and/or gained stable income generation 
  • 15% are reintegrated into family/society but remain unemployed
  • Only 5% are unaccounted for

A new cohort of girls as young as 8 years old has been pushed into sexual exploitation in order to survive the global economic downturn and Covid crises. The suffering, long-term development consequences and urgent need to stop this trend cannot be overstated.   

In January 2023, AIS is launching a new project to address the needs to some 30 girls of the 8- to 12-year-old group .

AIS’s comprehensive “care cycle” program assists these very young girls with medical, psychological, educational, and legal support.  After a stabilization phase in AIS centers, family and/or other social reintegration are provided as well as school re-enrollment.

Finally, they will join the existing program for 13-18 old girls, continuing school or registering into vocational trainings.