Our projects

in 2018, we helped thousands of girls and women!

Prostitution is illegal in the Republic of the Congo, but remains an important phenomenon and is tolerated by the authorities. Many girls under the age of 16 are engaged in prostitution as a mean of survival. They experience a daily life marked by physical, mental and sexual violence. More than 40% of these girls have been raped at least once. Also, nearly 75% of the girls have a child. Deprived of work opportunities, these girls find themselves with no prospect for the future.

AIS offers a humanitarian, educational and developmental initiative that allows young girls victims of survival prostitution the opportunity to take ownership of their future by entering vocational trainings.

In 2018, we did almost 400 street patrols to meet girls and women in prostitution. During those patrols, we met 3,817 girls and women from 11 to 64. We referred 279 girls under 18 to our daycare centers, with 90 children. We distributed 27,023 meals to them, we also had weekly group therapy, educational activities, literacy classes, etc. In 2019, more than half of our beneficiaries reached successfully professional integration.